The Illustrators’ Union is for you if…

  • You’re an aspiring illustrator looking to get started professionally.
  • You’re a professional illustrator whose career has stalled.
  • You’re an illustrator whose business isn’t where you want it to be.
  • You’re a former illustrator wanting to come back into the industry.
  • You’re a creative person wanting to make extra income from your creative skills.

Our goal is to help you forge a strong, profitable, sustainable and long term career as an illustrator – by connecting you with the tools, resources & global community you need.

Who is behind the Illustrators’ Union?

Jonathan Woodward is a successful illustrator and his wife, Lea Woodward, mentors and advises creative entrepreneurs to help them run more profitable, more impactful and more enjoyable businesses.

In 2008, they created the resource website, zero2illo, to chart Jonathan’s journey of transitioning from a graphic designer to a full time, professional illustrator. Along the way, zero2illo grew into a trusted, global resource for fellow illustrators with a supportive, active community.

During their time at the helm of zero2illo, they gained an intimate knowledge of the kinds of support fellow illustrators have most needed, to earn a living as a working illustrator.

In late 2013, Jonathan and Lea launched the Illustrators’ Union to continue what they started with zero2illo – supplemented by hosting two zero2illo LIVE conferences in the UK (in 2012 and 2013) – which they believe fills an important gap missing in the industry.

Our mission is to provide the practical support, community and resources to help you become a successful illustrator in the 21st century.

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